My beard oil has been sitting for a while, should I shake it?

Yes! The oils used in BEY SHAVE Beard & Hair Oil have different viscosities and no chemicals are used in the blending process to keep them all together. If left to sit for an extended period, the oil could start to appear a little cloudy at the bottom. Just shake the bottle gently before applying and you’re good to go.

Do I need to shake the aftershave too?

Please do! BEY SHAVE Aftershave & Vigorating Skin Tonic is made with all natural ingredients. Some of the botanicals we use will settle to the bottom of the bottle over time.
We prefer shaking the bottle a bit before use instead of having added chemical stabilizers and we think you will too!

Aren’t aftershaves supposed to sting?

Some people prefer a sting for some reason – We don’t. That sting usually comes from products with high alcohol content. We use organic with hazel as the primary ingredient and kept the alcohol level low to avoid an over drying effect and minimize the sting. We think our customers will appreciate how much better their skin will begin to feel after using BEY SHAVE products.

Do your products have an expiration date or otherwise go bad?

BEY SHAVE Aftershave & Vigorating Skin Tonic as well as BEY SHAVE Beard & Hair Oil are made with natural ingredients, have no preservatives, and as such, will not last forever. We use darkened glass bottles to help block out light and increase the shelf life. If you keep the bottles out of direct sunlight they should last for up to a year.