Bey Shave Aftershave & Vigorating Skin Tonic
Bey Shave Aftershave & Vigorating Skin TonicBey Shave Aftershave with orifice reducerBey Shave Aftershave & Vigorating Skin Tonic

Aftershave & Vigorating Skin Tonic


BEY SHAVE Aftershave & Vigorating Skin Tonic is made by hand in small batches, taking a full month to develop.

The main component is organic witch hazel, keeping the total alcohol content low enough to yield a pleasurable “no sting” yet effective aftershave that is ideal for sensitive skin.

Our blend of essential oils and spices has a complex scent that is at once both deep and light, yet not overpowering. Only those who are very close will share it.

Use directly after shaving or splash some on whenever you need to enrich your day.

Sold in 100ml (3.4 oz) flask shaped brown glass bottles
(with orifice reducer for better splash control)

Organic Witch Hazel, Rum, Oils of West Indies Bay Leaf, Bergamot, Atlas Cedar, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Blood Orange Peel, Myrrh, plus locally sourced botanicals.

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  1. David K. (verified owner)

    I decided to try the Bey Shave aftershave after reading a great review for it on Bay Rum Diaries. This aftershave has quickly become one of my favorite aftershaves. The scent and performance of the aftershave is both unique and fantastic. I quite frankly thought I would miss the glycerin found in most other aftershaves, but I strangely did not. I actually grew to like the fact that it did not have any. The benefit was that I could reapply in the evening to freshen up without adding another layer of glycerin to my skin, which was great and very refreshing. Another bonus is that this is a great aftershave for those with sensitive skin, which I have.

    My only minor gripe is that like most other bay rum aftershaves, the scent unfortunately doesn’t last very long. The plus is that I could use a cologne after applying. The minus is that I liked the scent so much that I missed it when it eventually disappeared. I wanted to keep a good thing going. I will keep my fingers crossed that Bey Shave develops a cologne in the future to accompany the great scent of this aftershave.

    Bey Shave gets 5 out of 5 stars from me for great customer service, ingredients, scent, performance, and presentation. I applaud you for creating this great and refreshing aftershave. It is truly a top notch product, worthy of any shave den.

  2. D. B.

    I really, really enjoy your aftershave tonic. Great scent, easily absorbed. I appreciate the work you’ve put into it, from the high quality ingredients to your sustainable, eco-friendly practices. And I love the label and bottle, very classy! I’ll always have a bottle of Bey Shave in my stable. Keep up the good work.

  3. Gabriel, CA

    I just got your product and it rocks, kudos for balancing between aroma and practicality, lucky I found it.

  4. Shawn, MN

    Bey Shave is a great natural ingredient aftershave. I have skin sensitivities and seem react to a lot of products with burning and redness… Bey Shave does the opposite and feels great on my skin!

    After a nice close shave there is no burn or sting as you slap it on, no drying alcohol feeling or no watering eyes from intense menthol content like a lot of other popular products. This stuff is very smooth and soothing.

    I really like the feel of the liquid, it is thicker than other splashes but is not oily thick. It dries down smooth and does not leave your skin looking oily or feeling tacky.

    The scent is pleasant and has a lot going on in it. If you like Bay Rum then you will certainly like this. If you do not like Bay Rum I am certain that you too would like this. It is hard for me to describe but it is not like other Bay Rum based scent, it is not an intense overbearing scent but is rather sweet and subtle one which I like in an aftershave.

    I would recommend Bey Shave to anyone for a great post-shave experience, especially if you have sensitive skin. It is that good and I am happy to have found it!

  5. Rick, NM

    I’ve never been much of a guy for oils and unguents and lotions, but I’ve been looking for an after-shave product that makes my face feel refreshed and doesn’t come off as unnatural or overbearing. BEY SHAVE fills the bill for me. It has a subtle but exotic aroma and splashes on with an invigorating feel. I can’t say enough good things about BEY SHAVE.

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