Bey Shave Beard and Hair Oil

Beard & Hair Oil


Whether you've decided to go with the Don Quixote, Garibaldi, The Hulihee, Full Sasquatch, or anything in between, BEY SHAVE can help you tame and nourish those wily whiskers.

Our beard and hair oil not only is great for your beard but also nourishes the skin underneath. BEY SHAVE Beard & Hair Oil is built on a base of organic jojoba, argan oils and mixed with essential oils selected specifically to help enhance your beard as well as your general sense of well being.

To use, pour a dime-sized amount into your palm, then massage into beard and/or hair and work down to the skin underneath. Follow by combing or your usual grooming routine. We believe the best time to apply is right after bathing, when the skin and hair are more prone to drying.

Sold in 1 oz brown glass bottles
(with orifice reducer for better pour control)

Organic Jojoba Oil/Argan Oil blend, BEY SHAVE blend of essential oils, extracts and spices (West Indies Bay Leaf, Bergamot, Atlas Cedar, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Myrrh, Calamus, plus locally sourced botanicals).

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  1. David K. (verified owner)

    The Bey Shave Beard and Hair Oil is quite simply top notch. I don’t have a beard so I tested it on my hair. I was very happy to discover that it had basically the same great scent as their aftershave. One of the key ingredients in the beard and hair oil is argan oil, which some call liquid gold for the many beneficial and unique properties of this oil. I’m a believer. I’ve seen a notable improvement in my hair since I’ve been using this product. I use it after using a shampoo bar (right after a shower while my hair is still damp), but before I use a natural hair styling cream.

    I highly recommend the Bey Shave Beard and Hair oil. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. Even if you don’t have a beard, give it a try on your hair, or grow a beard. You won’t be disappointed.

  2. Tim M. Sebastopol, CA

    In the past, I’ve tried a few different things, from actual beard-intended products to straight up jojoba or Moroccan type oils. Typically, whatever it was was always too heavy.

    I don’t know if it’s just a perception thing or the magick you’s after, but this product feels a lot lighter than others I’ve used, and to its credit. The risk I’ve run into in the past is ending up with a gerri-curl sort of effect that is too shiny or too heavy. I’m not getting that with this product (even when I’ve used intentionally too much). It can get a little shiny when overused, but not where the margin of error is to too strict or unforgiving. You can throw a good amount of this stuff in there and not have your beard look ridiculous, which I love about it.

    It’s really good stuff. In my honest opinion, superior to any beard product I’ve tried in the past… and it smells absolutely fantastic. I really really really love the scent. I loath colognes but actually love putting this on and smelling like THAT!

  3. Toni H. San Francisco, CA

    The beard oil is awesome. Don’t make out with anyone with a beard who doesn’t use it.

    I really hated the stuff my boyfriend was using before. The smell was so strong! I like kissing him WAY better with the Bey Shave oil.

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