About Bey Shave

This all came about from the desire to improve on the classic wet shaving experience by making a superior product. I choose only the best quality ingredients and do without all the additional chemicals and additives found in leading brands.

The essential oils and botanicals selected for BEY SHAVE products not only are great for your skin but were selected for their uplifting “nervine” qualities – as good for the skin as they are for the mood. The BEY SHAVE blend of essential oils and spices has a complex scent that is at once both deep and light, yet not overpowering. Only those who are very close will share it. BEY SHAVE men’s grooming products are made in small batches by hand in Alameda, California.

Each batch is hand crafted by myself here on “The Island.” I deal only with US based suppliers and use sustainable practices in manufacturing and packaging. I strive to be as earth friendly as possible, choosing glass bottles and metal caps over plastics. Even the label is biodegradable, as I chose a more eco-friendly corn based alternative over polyurethane.

The “BEY” in BEY SHAVE is used as a signifier of respect. Respect for oneself (and development of hygiene and character) as well as the bonds of friendship and brotherhood among men.

Thanks for reading.

John P.
Founder, BEY SHAVE